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I struggle for words to say...


every day, I have some person come to me and say poet

thanks so much for being you, awesome and loving
thanks for the awesome website and stuff
well, this is more than my website, this is the start of the completetion of a dream for me, why???? let me tell you
for many years, i sought to gain a simple understanding of spiritual life and gifts, the why's, what's and how's of life, living and been alive.
all i found was complex answers and textbook ideas.
living is such a simple thing, but life has been made so complex, most people give up trying to understand it and end up just existing.
in building this site, i have gained a good look at other people and learned to look in the mirror a lot,
learned to deal with my personal hell, and in doing so, opened up the doors to help many people.
I know a lot of people will never meet me, even on the net
but i hear the whispers in rooms and websites,
have you heard of the poet,
this awesome man who is so amazing, he actually understands how we feel and what we seek.
I have been told that what is in my website, is been printed out for people who are not able to get to a computer.
that it is changing peoples life across the world,
that it is opening the doors to a new way of life.
well, ok, so be it.
but, to all, I say this.
I am only a simple person, a child of spirit, i seek no title,
no pedestal, no thone.
spirit provides my needs, give your money to the needy,
spirits words have no price, share them with the world
they are all free,
anybody who seeks to publish the words in books for money, please think of this, you rob others of the simple pleasures of reading spirits words, and you are abusing the reason for this website and damaging my dream.
I am happy to place any works in this web, and if people seek to copyright their work, i have no objections.
all I ask is respect spirit and let me have this simple dream to furfill.
this is our website, our dream, our family