Natural Healing
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Grounding and Centering
Healing 102 ~ Shadows
Healing 103 ~ Breathing
Healing 104 ~ Love
Healing 105 ~ Crying
Welcome To The Basic Chakras
Basic Chakras 102 ~ Colours
Chakras 103 ~ Chakras and the Aura
Chakras 104 ~ Colours and Healing
Energy 101 ~ Kundalini
Energy 102 ~ Colours of Energy
Energy 103 ~ Magical Coloured Gemstones
Energy 104 Emotional Energy in Dreams
Seven Laws of Psychic Energy
Empathic Overload
Protection Prayer

These links lead you to articles posted on our MSN group about natural ways to heal yourself...and others. Some are original, some are not. Unfortunately not all original authors are if you happen to know where they came from please drop us a line so credit can be given.