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Each of these animals shares a bond of 100,0000s of years with the earth

we have but a average of 70 odd years each

I wanna learn from them

do you????




Allosaurus' Wisdom Includes:

· Great grandfather to T-Rex

· Abundance

· Understands ambush tactics

· Teaches us that size is visual, not actual

· Movement along path

· Recovery

· Reminds us that we all fall down

· Replenishment


Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus' Wisdom Includes:

· Lack of predators

· Understands value of solitude

· Connected to the Stone People

· Teaches the importance of focus on the path

· Balance

· Keeper of the Universal Law

· Teaches the importance of moving slow

· Teaches the importance of looking ahead

Archaeopteryx's Wisdom Includes:

· Crow's last walk as a Dinosaur

· Finding missing links

· Lived/s in the linear

· Shapeshifter

· Understands and utilizes evolution

· Connected to the Griffin

· First to Use Earth/Crone Magick

· All Wisdoms related to Crow/Rook and Raven

Avimimus' Wisdom Includes:

· Connected to Ostrich

· Intelligence

· Connected to Mongolia and Mongolia's Magick

· Balancing spiritual and physical diets

Coelophysis' Wisdom Includes:

· Ability to survive drought

· Proper use of speed and agility

· Evolutionary adaptability

· Ability to sniff out truth

· Understands the Importance of Communal Efforts

· Looks at things from the inside out

· Wastes Very Little

· Understands Self Preservation

Diplodocus' Wisdom for Adults Includes:


· Communal living

· Use of size

· Fertility

· Balance

· Interspecies communication

· Connected to Damselfly

· Source of life for many species

· Connected to Fern knowledge

Diplodocus' Wisdom For the Young Includes:

· Camouflage

· Patience through growth process

· Understanding of the value of time

· Safety in numbers

· Connected to Fern knowledge

· Understanding of the importance of stillness and sSilence

Iguanodon' Wisdom Includes:

· One of the last of the Pangeans

· Communal living

· Alternative paths to a goal

· Stamina

· Understands the value of pacing oneself

Tyrannosaurus' Wisdom Includes:

· Prehistoric Eagle

· Proper use of power

· Utilizes what it has

· Primal Mother/Good Mother

· Female energy

· Detects movement along the path

Triceratops' Wisdom Includes:

· Triple Goddess aspect

· Honors magick

· Honors the Crone/Earth/Dragon wisdom

· Connection to Rhinoceros

· Proper use of armour

· Communal living

· Good parenting skills

· Deals with problems head on

· Understands value of patience

· Connected to Palm Tree wisdom

Stegosaurus' Wisdom Includes:

· Understands and use color wisely

· Connection to Moss and Fern

· Ability to protect oneself

· Regulation of temperature

· Connection to Armadillo

· Power to walk one’s path

· Protection of boundaries

Velociraptor's Wisdom Includes:

· Prehistoric raven

· proper use of aggression

· mind over matter

· Stealth

· Intelligence

· Power of groups

Mystical Creatures


Dragon's Wisdom Includes:

· Born of Fire

· Protector

· Exists between thoughts

· Ability to move between worlds

· Connection to the birth of the Universe

· Red Dragon sleeps in the core of the Earth

Gargoyle's Wisdom Includes:

· The Silent Guardian

· Protector of the Earthbound Spirits

· Ability to see past the physical (or past masks)

· Use of voice to flush out negativity

· Ability to cleanse a soul of negative emotions

· Movement through shadow

· Connection to the Rain

· Moves Freely in the Void

· Protector of Light

· Using the power of breath to dissolve negativity

Gryphon's Wisdom Includes:

· Deep connection to Red

· Making daring leaps of faith

· Ability to look deep into one's soul to find answers

· Connection to Fire

· Physical protection

· Severe revenge tactics

· Ability to feel with every bit of the soul

· Protector of young children

· Ability to soar above the fray

· Knows of the balance within nature

Pegasus' Wisdom Includes:

· Protector

· Gives inspiration

· Connected to astral travel

· Boundaries

· Humility

· Emotion

· Connected to lightning wisdom

· Ability to fly over any situation

Phoenix' Wisdom Includes:

· Keeper of the Fires of Creation

· Protector of all Fire

· Death and Rebirth

· Regeneration

· Connection to Raven

Unicorn's Wisdom Includes:

· Purity

· Innocence

· Virginity

· Connection to weather patterns

· Connection to the forest spirits

· Relative of Pegasus

· Connection to the Faeries

· Often makes contact under blooming fruit trees