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What is meditation ?

meditation is simply other levels of thought

there is a lot of confusion about meditation, so I will try to help clear them up

meditation is not mediation ( talking to stop fights)

meditation is not medication ( pills, tablets or drugs )

meditation is not masturbation ( giggles enough said )

ok, you can stop laughing now ( giggles )

here are some F. A. Qís

what is MEDITATION????

Meditation is exploring new levels of thought, opening up the areas of the mind, body, and spirit and spiritual realms that we, normally cannot access in everyday life

where can I do it????

anywhere, meditation is a way of putting aside the normal world and you can do it in a car (if you are not driving) while travelling, in a plane in your own home, in nature, anywhere

can there be more than one person????

hell yeah you can do a group meditation, which has a higher level of energy and helps to reach other levels, it is also good cos you have others to help you learn

is there a time limit????

yes, you can only meditate while you are alive, so you have a hell of a lot of time to enjoy meditation, meanwhile, no you can meditation for as long as you like

why canít I clear my mind of thoughts???

cos you are human and it is human to think things out and reason them out, you do not have to clear your mind of thoughts, try focussing them on a mantra if you have trouble

what is a mantra???

a mantra can be anything, a word, pic, symbol, anybody that you feel you can use to help you put aside your normal everyday thoughts and probs to meditate

do I have to be in a peaceful place????

no, but it can help, I know of some ppl that meditate to the sounds of heavy metal music played loudly

what is a good way to start????

when you are happy to try, here, let me help, in the front of my website are the poets walkabout pics, choose one that you like and relax, look at it, donít try to look through

let your mind drift around the pic, let the pic draw you in, feel the energy in the pic

let your imagination roam in the pic, enjoy the pic and the feelings you get

sorry, what was that, you drifted away and burnt the tea cos your mind was enjoying the thoughts of you in the pic, giggles, congradulations, you have just meditated, ( giggles )

sorry about ya tea

why canít I do go to the same place time and time again, why is it a different thing all the time???

cos with meditation, you grow, and what was your level last time may not be your level this time, you have grown past that point and are ready to start a new level of meditation, well done

here are a few ideas about meditation and why ppl do it

People meditate to balance their energies,

to gain information, to connection with a deceased loved one or spirit guide, to move

through time, to heal issues, to do light work, and to release the negative emotions of fear,

anger, and rage.

Meditation is your time to connect with the other side. It can be a rewarding, informative,

and connective experience.

There should be no set rules for meditation unless you are in a group situation. Group

meditations can be very powerful as there is power in group energies.

Meditation does not have to be done in any particular position - sitting - standing -

reclining for any given amount of time on any particular day, time or place.

Some people learn to meditate the first time they try - especially if they know how to listen

to Spirit - the 'little voice in their head'.

Others develop meditations skills with time and practice.

your senses can become active and more sensitive in meditation, heres how

Spirit communicates in many ways.

Visual - Messages are usually given in symbolic form. A baby may represent something

new or the birth of a child.

Auditory - you hear thoughts in your mind or external sounds

Smell- you physically smell something in the room - usually a floral fragrance

Touch - you feel Spirit touch you - un the sense of a tickle on your face or arm

Taste - in your mouth you 'taste' something linked of that Spirit - such as food linked to the spirit