Light vs Dark
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Light vs. dark energy

With this post, I run the risk of upsetting a lot of people, but I also may be able to help people understand things a bit clearer, whatever the result, I trust spiritís choice to get me to channel this post for people to read.

With all emotions, feelings, abilities, paths, ways of life,

One of the greatest issues to confront man kind is the

Light vs. dark energy

In this, you have the decision to make, the choice of what is right to believe, who is right to believe, the choice is easy


positive, healing, love, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, peaceful.................

children, you live in energy and with energy in you, around you, everywhere all the time.

when energy is clean, you call it light energy, when it becomes tainted, you call it neg energy.

energy is its many forms is energy, with no name, pure clean unused universal energy.

inside you, it becomes love, warmth, white, light, but still energy.

used to cleanse you out and clear you out, it is still energy

the same energy, it comes in as light energy, clears a block and taints, it becomes neg energy, it is still energy.

in all forms, it is the same energy but the name changes

when you stand under a shower, you are washed by water

just water, the same water covers you, washes you, cleanses you, and drains away. the water is the same water, it does not change.

the dirt blends with the water, it is still the same water.

it is not clean water, it is dirty water, but the same water.

energy is the same energy all the time, what happens to it to change it???

nothing changes the energy!

we change the name of it!

the spiritual journey is to seek the light and live in the light, eternal in the light.

a child plays. goes to school, enjoys life and lives.

a child is cleansed in a shower

a adult works, work to their job, enjoys life and lives

a child is cleansed in a shower

a person lives, goes about life day to day and lives

a person is cleansed in a shower

a person gets dirty, sweaty, covered in the dust of life

a person gets cleansed in the shower

a spiritual person lives life, in a world of energy and the energy becomes dirty, we * shower* in the light.

if we live in the light, we would never need cleansing

that is why spiritual beings do not have neg energy in them, they live in the light realm

we live in the world a mixed energy center

we need cleansing on a regular basis

our *shower* to clean us

we get clean in the shower cos we are taught how to get clean, but if we were not taught to clean ourselves properly, we would end up missing parts and remaining partly dirty.

spiritual we are the same, if we are not taught how to cleanse and ground fully, we retain dirty (neg) energy

it builds up in us and around us and it can cause serious problems.

when we fill up with fresh clean energy, we call it light

when it is used and * dirty * we call it neg energy

so why do we fight over it?

It is easy to sense a person who is struggling and push them aside, saying they are filled with neg energy, when it is simple and easy to help them cleanse or simply cleanse them with light energy.

they are a part of all people, do not push your sister or brother away and say you are dirty.

you say you are full of love and light, you claim to be spiritual and wise, caring and fill of love.

why do you run???????????????????

forget light and dark, think cleansed and not cleansed

it is not about only you and how you feel

help a person to become cleansed, grounded and centered

honour your spirituality

the energy is all the same for all of us, it is only our perception and attitude that changes the energy

light or dark, clean or dirty, energy is energy

if you seek not to be swamped in neg energy, cleanse you, teach others how to cleanse.

it is not another person that changes the energy in you

it is you that changes that energy in you.

but that energy is still the same energy, call it light, call it dark, it is still the same energy for all

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