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although fire is a awesome essence and spirit, it too, is a cleansing and healing spirit, and like all elemental essences

it can be your friend

sit in a quiet and relaxed position with a candle ( any colour will do) it pays to make sure that there is no wind or draught that may put the candle out.

when you are ready, light the candle and focus on the flame, it will dance for you if you ask politely, casting shadows and light around you and sharing its gentle warmth with you.

when you are ready, cup your hands around the flame and visualise it stepping into your hands, dancing away happily

fire is the energy of motion and determination in people, a explosive energy, and when you accept the fire into you, you may feel a rise in your energy levels

visualise in your mind the different colours of the flame

and ask the fire spirit to merge with you, each colour will bond with the chakra of the body of the same colour, ask for help to set the chakras light with energy

( kundalini energy is the energy of the dragon, fire energy is that power in us, at work)

with the flame in your hand, feel the warmth spreading thru your body, some areas are cold some are warm and some are hot.

the cold areas are where the energy is not balanced properly and you may need cleansing and healing in those areas

the warm areas are where the energy is flowing and strong, balanced and working with you naturally.

the hot areas are where the energy is again unbalanced, causing a over flow or energy build up, you can fix that by moving the energy around or by releasing it to the universe.

as the fire spirit talks with you, remember to respect the essence of fire energy, it is a powerful tool in the hands of a open person and can help in many ways

as the fire spirit shares its energy with you, visualise each chakra being filled with the flame energy of each colour, and if there is a block, visualise the flame burn it away til the flame burns white and pure, then the pure colour of the chakra, once it has been cleared out and cleansed.

as we draw warmth and energy from the sun, we need to feed the flame, and we do that by releasing all the begative things in us so that the fire spirit can have something to work with, it is hard to run on empty for too long

again sharing is the key to this exercise.

( when meditating or working with energy, it can pay to have a candle burning, cos the fire spirit warns us about danger and problems, so if we share with the flame and work with it, it will share and work with us,

when you have finished, put the fire spirit back on the candle and give thanks for its help