my new spiritual community hope to see you there!!! - -
Noetic Field Therapy -
Energy Field Healing; Biofeedback;Reiki; the Shamen concept; Tai Chi ch'uan; Practices and Providers - -
Informative and insightful. The Article Shamanic States of Consciousness or What am I doing here? really caught my attention. - -
Earth Mysteries: Ley Lines, Megalythic Sites and Mounds and  more - -
Pathwork. Lectures by Eva Pierrakos - -
so much information and food for thought -
Reiki: Universal healing energies. Introduction, atunements, Online Manusal, hand positions, and symbols. Reiki chat circle -
Meditation Room...  Excellent for meditation techniques -
Yoga: meditation, exercises, breathing -
Many articles, first hand stories, and research into how spirituality and health
Meditation Room... Excellent for meditation techniques -
EarthStar Geometric Maps: Earth's Natural Geometry. Ley lines. A little complex for me, but tons of information. They offer maps for sale as well. - -
spiritual website - -
for free astrology readings , this is a awesome site -
this is a really good and info filled website