Bedtime Dreams
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Reality of dreams   


For many 10,000s of years, man has dreamed, in many ways

And the dream has become a multi faceted word, used to describe many different kinds of dreams and dream states.

Most people see a dream as one of three things but how many actually kinds of dream are there?

Let us take a simple look at the main kinds.

DAYDREAM: a dream that basically is a brief thought about things that could happen or a simple fantasy thought

R. E. M DREAM: Rapid Eye Movement dream, this kind of dream is the most common when we sleep

NIGHTMARE: this kind of graphic natured dream can have us waking up screaming

WET DREAM: common amongst teenager males and females, this kind of dream is sexual and can be followed by an orgasm

PREMONITION DREAM: not common in most ppl But is a dream of future events, can foretell disasters

LUCID DREAM: a R. E. M dream in which the person is aware of the dream state and able to change the dream path

In another form of dream state are the following

MEDITATION STATE: the visualisation state uses the same brain waves and patterns as some dream states

OOBE/ ASTRAL TRAVEL STATE: again the state of advanced dream state on a higher level

PAST LIFE REGRESSION: this kind of dream state can and does work on up to 3 levels of the human mind

HYPNOSIS: this dream state also works on 3 levels of the human mind


For the ease of understanding, this article will focus on 3 levels of the human mind.

The super conscious: level of spiritual and higher thoughts

The conscious: level of every day thinking and normal thoughts

The sub conscious: level of memories and deep thoughts,

The sub conscious plays a big part in day to day life

Giggles there is a simple method behind this madness, giggles

The mind is very complex and for your ease of understanding, it is easier to break the mind down into 3 levels than try to explain how the cobweb filled inside of my head actually works or doesnít work.

Ok, we have a rough ideas of the kinds of dreams and a rough idea of the levels of the mind that work in with these dreams but there is one thing left to look at, what is in the dreams.

Dreams are made up of 3 main areas

Thoughts, images, pictures

Emotions, feeling, senses

Interactive responses (body movement)

Giggles, a lot of ppl say that dreams are only in your head, giggles, well your partner may disagree if you kick his/her out of bed in the middle of a full on dream.

Ok we go to bed and we shut our eyes and go to sleep.

(I know I know, what planet am I on)

We drift down through the level of relaxation and sleep induced patterns, leaving our conscious mind to work away while we ignore it, (modern science and medicine has noticed that our mind never shuts up, even when we are asleep)

Ok, as an example we will use 100 ppl to give you an idea on what is happening (apart from the sex and snoring hubbies)

Btw, this will be done in the normal order of dream pattern states, it doesnít mean you follow this exact pattern every time you enter a dream state.

55 ppl will have a dream free sleep; poss light sleepers or deep sleepers without r e m sleep patterns

The next 45 will enter what is known as the r e m or alpha wave sleeps pattern, (alpha waves are the thought waves that induce and work in with dreams and dream related states)

15 ppl will enter normal Rapid Eye Movement dream states

These are normal dreams, they can be in b/w, colour silent/ with sound/ short /long/ cartoon like / real life, (dreams are that different to each person that I can spend 20 twenty years describing them but I wonít) the average r e m dream is meant to last only a few seconds, personal, I say, believe it or not.

15 ppl will enter a full r e m dream state, and this can cover

Nightmares, wet dreams, and other lower sensory dream states

These dreams can be with emotions/feelings and the resulting response, (movement, talking in your sleep, and kicking ya partners out of bed).

15 ppl will enter the lucid Dream State.

Giggles what the hell is a lucid dream?

A lucid dream is where the person in is semi or full r e m dream state, (using the subconscious mind) and to a extent, areas of the conscious mind also awaken into the dream, and you appear to be awake in your dreams, (actually you are asleep but parts of your conscious mind are active in your dreams and hence you can control, think, feel, and have emotional and mental roles in your dream) this dream is recorded into your conscious and when you wake up out of the dream state, it is like you were actually awake in the dream.

It is not uncommon to dream many times a night and yet have no recollection of them, hence a lot of ppl will say I do not dream, when in fact, they do dream but do not recall having done so.

Ok most of the dream states work in either the sub-conscious or conscious mind, the dreams having to do with buried memories and images, thoughts and otherwise.

It is possible to be in a dream state and be active at the same time, hence sleepwalking, this can happen when the person is actually using their both sub-conscious and conscious mind work together and apart, the person is in a dream state and not aware of doing anything, but the conscious mind guides the human body through the motions of movement, such as kicking, talking, tossing and turning, climbing, sitting and in some cases, walking and carrying out basic tasks.

Because the person is in a deep dream state, they are not aware

That they are doing these activities, til they wake and are told or shown or actually realise that they have been physically active in their sleep.

Many ppl can relate in some way to the dream states I have talked about for they are a part of most ppls normal day to day life, but there are some more forms that are not so common to ppl in their normal everyday life.

Not all dream states have to be reached in sleep and the following are some of these states.

Meditation is a dream state that can be reached by consciously accessing parts of the brain while awake and conscious.

Meditation simply is moving out of the conscious mind and into the lower more relaxed subconscious mind, using mantras, relaxation techniques or rhythm patterns.

Giggles or in plain English, meditation works by visualisation.

The forming of images in the mind, your normal thought patterns are bypassed, you focus in two ways.

Inner meditation: going inside you, or outer meditation, going outside you.

With meditation, going inside or outside, involves the subconscious mind, and when you focus in the spiritual realm, you are accessing the super conscious or higher sensory level on your mind.

Meditation is actually the same as lucid dreaming but you are changing the level at what it happens,

Meditation happens while you are awake

Lucid dreams happen when you are asleep.

Oobe/astral travel is an awesome dream state; all three levels of your mind are accessed during this state.

Oobe/astral travel refers to the state where your mind/spirit

Leave and travel away from your body.

How do we still feel/hear/taste/speak/think while in this state?

When ppl leave their body, there is an invisible/visible cord that connects ppl with their bodies, and it is this cord that can carry the info between spirit/body/mind.

I, personally am, a conscious/unconscious traveller, I can travel while fully conscious or asleep

It is possible to travel time and space while out of your body,

I have travelled many years into the future and the past.

My memories are buried in my sub-conscious mind but I can access memories in my super-conscious (spiritual) mind

This works in with past life regressions and hypnotherapy

There are many memories and thoughts that are buried in the sub-conscious mind, including past lives

A past life regression can be done with hypnotherapy

The main thing, oobes/past life regression/hypnotherapy share

Is the fact, they all work with the full range of the human mind?

They all start off in the conscious mind, with an idea of what you seek to accomplish.

The opening of the sub conscious mind then follows this

And hidden memories, emotions and patterns of behaviour

Then the opening of the super-conscious mind, this is seen as the level where the spiritual realm, higher self, spirit guides and other higher levels of interaction take part and then filters down to the conscious mind.

now, I feel that I have confused the hell out of you and yeah, giggles, I am confused, so I am opening a post section with this to open up all the different areas of the dream states and how they work and how you, as a person can use techniques and Practise to better improve your dream states in life