Amazing Emotions
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There is two things that mankind has, that is in a constant state of change.

Their energy and their emotions.

And the one that takes the gold medal for being the most open to change is the human emotions.

each day and every day, our emotions are constantly changing, affecting the way we think, act, live and outward from that, they also can and do affect the people who live around us.

yet emotions are very misunderstood, a lot of people do not know how to interpret emotional states in us, or how to interpret the emotional energy

that we give off.

But in order to understand emotional states and energies, we need to know what emotions are.

Emotions are..................( poet picks up his book of big words and throws it out the window) ......simply feelings INSIDE us. a reflection of the state of our internal energy levels.

Sound weird??? giggles, ok, think of it this way, the more you feel a emotion, the more your energy changes, when you laugh heaps, your energy rises and you feel really good, when you get really angry, your energy rises in a different way and you feel........ powerful ( bad choice of words but I threw my dictionary out the window, remember????).

We tend to think of emotions in a limited sense, we are either happy, sad, getting there, in a bad mood etc.

but the range of the emotional fields is far greater than that, in fact, it is actually quite immense and in looking at the emotional areas, a amazing fact emerges about us and the actual truth about centering ourselves.

Ok we talk about centering, when we balance male and female selves and our emotional state, mental state, energy state etc

Centering is actually not really understood as well and the reason being is this,

to center fully is to become emotionless, but we often see that as cold or unfeeling in a negative way, but that is not true, actually that is far from the truth.

Giggles, I will simplify it by showing you an emotions graph




in love

really liking





at ease




male you female















Ok that will give you a rough idea about centering and emotional states.

As you can see, being centered is like being in the epicentre (middle)

of the emotional energies, the further you move out from the center, the stronger the energy of the emotions you are feeling.

Please, that is just a rough graph to help you see what I am on about, the full picture of centering is more like this.


emotional mind state

mental mind state

conscious mind state

spiritual body

you as a person

physical body

super-conscious state

energy state

sub-conscious state


Trying to center all that is damm hard work and it is no wonder we are struggling at times to balance and center.

Damm, my head hurts cos I have been thinking, OUCH.

giggles right back to emotions.

many things can influence your emotional state.

the people around you

the way your life is going

your state of mind


Emotions are a focus point for energy and it is this energy we give out that can affect ourselves and others around us.

Did you know that your emotional aura shows how you are feeling???.

When you are close to an angry person or a happy person, their emotional energy is what you can feel as well as their physical appearance, It is the way empathic ( emotional sensitive ) people sense things inside us.

Please give them a clap cos empathic people have to put up with our emotional crap a lot and it is so hard on them.

OK, you will use the emotional energy to tell how a people feels about you every day and here is a simple exercise to help you see how it works

take a group of people and sit in a room, just relax and talk normally but shut your eyes and keep them shut and just feel the energy in the room change as

different subjects are spoken about, can you feel the way different people are reacting to the different subjects, remember you have to keep your eyes shut

now when you have finished, still with your eyes shut, stand as a group and hug as a group, now you will feel a different level of energy as some people will respond with stronger emotionally energies than others.

Incredible, eh?, right imagine this, you are a speaker at a conference in a large hall and you say the wrong thing and the people in the hall get angry at you

but donít say anything, you can feel the emotional energy of angry hitting you like a mob with baseball bats. ( its ok, I called the paramedics)

that is why we shield ourselves with energy so much, cos other peoples emotional energies really knock us about at times.

OK, interesting fact time, anger is actually more powerful as a energy force than love is.

WHY??? cos it is a short burst of intense emotional energy and directly focused for that short time, love is a more flowing energy over a long time.

That is why love endures against anything ( in theory)

Because most emotions are in short powerful bursts but love is a more settled and flowing energy.

but love is a amazing word, can you describe love in words??????.

love is a combination of flowing energies ( not energy ) that work with each other, like happiness, laughter etc

and I canít think of any other way to describe it, well apart from the fact that to love and be loved is awesome.

OK, time to help you a bit with emotions

never try to shut out your emotions, it is ok to be angry, upset, not comfortable with some people etc.

shutting out your emotions is like trying to grow as a whole person without a leg or a arm.

by allowing your emotions to be free in you, you can grow fully and learn how to deal with the emotions and how to turn them into a positive emotion.

( I donít get jealous, WHY??? cos I am not angry if a person likes how my partner looks, I see that as a compliment for her, some body else can see her is a nice looking lady, but if the remarks are a bit unnecessary well we can ignore them or politely ask the person to stop or leave the room)

Donít let you be ruled by your emotions, work with them and learn to change the flow of emotional energy.

NEVER be afraid to cry, that goes for males and females, a deep cry is really good for you, it can help release a lot of the tension and built up emotional problems inside of you, ( emotional cleansing)

Emotionally free is a awesome way to be, you are not stopped by your feeling and it is a lot easier to enjoy life and grow spiritually.

when we place restrictions on our emotions, we donít allow ourselves feel the full range of feelings and moods, this can lead to a unbalanced emotional state and I have seen some relationships fail cos of the emotions being stopped and then people do not work fully in a relationship.

Being emotional is a big part of being human and being human is to have feelings and emotions

And I am that confused now, my mind is going on holiday

hugs ya and loves ya poet